Turning inner space into outer space

March 30, 2011

This Tory gets it

I mentioned yesterday that some candidates seem to understand the power of social media better than others. Tory hopeful Cathy McLeod has been doing a great job with Twitter and regularly updates her Facebook page, although I’d like to see something more than boring announcements.

Now she’s posted the first of what she says will be a series of videos on her YouTube channel, where she talks about Conservative policies. The first one is amateurish, but at least she’s making an effort and it can only get better.

McLeod likely already had this election in the bag, but with her social media efforts she just might wind up steamrolling her opponents.

Update: Now Donovan Cavers has a YouTube channel as well. He won’t win, but he certainly get points for creativity — and getting his Green Party message out.