Turning inner space into outer space

March 25, 2011

Let's try putting TNRD directors on the market

TNRD directors just gave themselves a big raise because they figure they deserve it. But don’t we all? Who wouldn’t give themselves a raise if they could?

I was wondering, though, how things would have worked out for TNRD politicians if good old free enterprise determined their pay. In its purest form, capitalism pays you with the economics of supply and demand. Applied to the TNRD, it might work this way:

First, supply. It’s hard to say, but I suspect there is a large enough supply of would-be politicians that we would never have to worry about a shortage. It’s true that in some small towns, it might be hard to find someone who has the time and talent, but it’s rare that no one at all would step forward.

Second, demand. If all the TNRD directors were disappear right now, would anyone miss them? Eventually, yes, when the many people not paying attention realize that having a local representative can indeed be helpful. But honestly, I don’t think there would be much of an outcry.

So there you have it: adequate supply and not much demand. TNRD directors are lucky that they’re the ones deciding on raises, because they wouldn’t get much if they had to compete in a free market.