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August 3, 2023

Facebook and Google no longer linking to Canadian news? Good riddance!

So Google and Meta have decided to retaliate against Canadian online news legislation by not linking to Canadian news stories.

I say, fuck 'em.

Not because I think the legislation is any good. It's too little too late. The erosion of local news in Canada may well be beyond repair.

No, it's because there are plenty of other news sources to choose from that are just as good if not better.

In fact, as far as Facebook is concerned, thank God they're getting out of the Canadian news business. When you get a link to "news" on Facebook, it could be coming from anywhere. Unless you're vigilant, you could find yourself going down all kinds of misinformation rabbit holes.

A world without news on Facebook is a better world.

And as for Google, please try to remind yourself that there are other search engines that also have news tabs.

Duck Duck Go not only provides you with news, but also respects your privacy. This article at Search Engine Land lists no less that 21 alternatives.

I've been using Ecosia, and helping to raise money to plant trees with every search.

Search on Google is going downhill anyway. It's been so thoroughly gamed by advertisers that it's almost impossible to find meaningful results.

So, yeah, let's call their bluff. If Google stops providing news links — in other words, actively makes its service even worse — switch to a different search engine.

You'll be glad you did.