Turning inner space into outer space

October 13, 2020

Colophon, yeah, here I come

This blog now has a colophon in the footer, listing the apps used in its creation.

iA Writer: the best app for focused writing.

ImageOptim: the best app for crunching images.

Photoshop: maybe not the best, but a work perk that has embedded itself into muscle memory over the years.

Quick Draft: the best scratchpad app with free features.

Transmit: the best-looking FTP client, and possibly the best period.

VS Code: the best free code editor with a GUI. It may very well be surpassed in some ways by BBEdit, Nova, Sublime and others, but not enough to switch.

Textpattern gets a special “built with” mention. This underrated CMS is perfect for those who love to design. You can make your site look like whatever you want, then sprinkle in Textpattern tags to make it functional.