Turning inner space into outer space

September 6, 2015

Seven points to ponder on a lazy Sunday

All the news organizations in B.C., or maybe Canada, should get together and create a company called NewsFlix. For $10 a month you would get access to beautiful, ad-free versions of their news sites.

I bet a lot of people would sign up. Something better happen soon — this expert says newspapers in Canada will be pretty much extinct in 10 years.

• • •

Google’s new logo is terrible. If you haven’t seen it, go to their website and be horrified.

Google is a whimsical name from a company that brought a semblance of order to the Internet. Now it’s gone for a bland corporate look. But it still has the whimsical name.

These things just don’t go together.

• • •

The best reply I’ve seen to this is Hope vs. No Hope.

My response: If you gave politicians truth serums, wouldn’t they all sound like Trump?

• • •

I wish I was smart enough to make kitty emoji toggles like this:

See what happens if you click on yes.

• • •

Facebook reached a milestone on Aug. 24. One billion people logged in during a single day.

Regardless of your feelings toward it, this is truly an amazing achievement.

• • •

So someone actually did a study and discovered that almost one quarter of all the verified users on Twitter are journalists and media.

That shouldn’t be surprising. Most of them think of Twitter as a customizable, interactive version of the wire services they’re used to.

• • •

Here’s a fun fact: Solitaire was originally included with every computer because it was considered a good way of getting people accustomed to using a mouse. Yes, kids, a mouse was once considered to be a novelty.