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June 3, 2013

Moving forward with Feedly

I’m about as sure as I can be that Feedly will replace Reeder as my feed reader of choice.

With the demise of Google Reader, some tough choices have to be made. Reeder has long made a good front end for the Google service, but that service comes to an end on July 1. The app has options to use other feed services such as Feedbin or Fever, but neither of them appeal to me. Feedbin doesn’t allow for sharing with Twitter, Facebook and email. And Fever seems to like a pain to set up on a server.

Both also involve payment, and I’m fine with that. But why pay when there is free service that so far appears to be better.

And that’s where Feedly comes in. You sign up using your Google account and they take care of the rest. Once Google passes on, they promise you will be switched to their own platform — without you noticing the transition.

Feedly will eventually go with a freemium business model, which means you won’t have to pay unless you want more features. Since there are already plenty of good features, this won’t be an issue for anyone but power users.

I’ve been fiddling around with the settings in Feedly, and I’ve got the app just the way I like it. My only beef — and it’s small one — is that it insists on scrolling stories page by page instead of continuously.

Feedly, it looks like you’ve won me over.

Update: A coming version of Reeder will have the option of running off a Feedly account. This is so confusing.