Turning inner space into outer space

October 2, 2012

Give more meaning to photos with ThingLink

From the what-will-they-think-of-next category comes ThingLink, a fun and easy way to add linked annotations to photographs and embed them on your website.

Using it is dead simple. Just upload a photograph of your choice and start clicking where you want hotspots to appear. Each time you click you’re given the opportunity to type in a description, insert a link, and choose an icon. Place as many of these as you want on your photo, then save.

You can share via Facebook, Twitter, email, Tumbler or galleries on the site. Or can embed the photo on your own website — as I did here. This was something I whipped up between other tasks on my first try — there really isn’t much of a learning curve.

Besides the cool factor, ThingLink offers a genuinely innovative way of providing information to readers. Photos have a lot of impact by themselves, but ThingLink allows you to explore them even more. I highly recommend it.