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January 21, 2011

Another animal to watch out for

We’ve already handed out advice on how to survive a moose attack. Now it looks like we’ll have to turn our attention to pit bulls. Let’s hope there aren’t any other fierce animals waiting to prey on Kamloops citizens. The best article I could find was from Wired magazine, a big favourite of geeks who like their science with a bit of attitude. Unfortunately, the article only deals with an attack on a person. Of course, it would be a different scenario if you have dog of your own with you — as was the case in the incident near Pioneer Park. Even so, the article is practical and easy to follow.

Go to: How to survive a pit bull attack

Update: Here’s another dog attack story from Terrace. These animals will be put down.

Go to: Four-year-old attacked by bull mastiffs in Terrace