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March 15, 2012

Totally agree with the Ugandans

Imagine if the positions were reversed.

Imagine if a group in Africa put together a video featuring a black child learning about Adolf Hitler, and how terrible he was. And how his crimes must not be forgotten. And how the best way to do this is by selling T-shirts with his likeness on them.

When you look at it this way, it’s not at all surprising that Ugandans shown the Kony 2012 video were outraged.

As reported by Allison Cross in the National Post:

The crowd’s frustration peaked when the film urged viewers to “make Kony famous,” said Mr. Ochen.
“People said what? You’re saying we should make him famous?” he said. “The guy who killed us? The guy who took our children? This is an insult we cannot accept this, they said.”
The crowd was so angry they said anyone wearing a Kony 2012 T-shirt should be banned from crossing the White Nile river into northern Uganda, Mr. Ochen said.

I just hope something good can be salvaged from this mess.

Link: Kony 2012 screenings cancelled in Uganda after furious reaction from locals