Turning inner space into outer space

November 9, 2011

Reading between the lines, Milobar supported the police raid

When Mayor Peter Milobar was asked at the candidates forum Tuesday night about his stance on the police raid of the cannabis club on Tranquille, he gave an entirely truthful answer — up to a point.

He said it was a federal responsibility and that the City had no say in the police actions. From this I take it that he was politely saying that he supported the raid. Because if he had opposed it, there are a couple of things he could easily have said.

1. City council members regularly meet with Kamloops RCMP officials to discuss issues of public safety. I will attend the next meeting and try to use my influence as mayor to convince them to leave the cannabis club alone.

2. The City occasionally lobbies the federal government through our member of Parliament. For example, I am meeting with federal Environment Minister Peter Kent to ask for a federal review of the proposed Ajax mine — thanks to help from Kamloops MP Cathy McLeod. I will ask our MP to facilitate the City’s participation in a federal review currently underway that is looking at changing medical marijuna laws. We would welcome the chance to voice our support for a compassion club in Kamloops.

Milobar said neither of these things, even though I’m certain that he must — as a longtime politician — be aware of these options. In some cases, what people don’t say speaks louder than what they do say.