Turning inner space into outer space

August 3, 2011

Speaking of comments . . . we've got lots

Guess how many comments have been left on Daily News stories since the Disqus system was put in place? If you guessed 17,709 (as of this writing), you would be right.

In addition, the latest stats show there have been a total of 62,784 “likes” for the comments, and a total of 1,545 people leaving comments. That’s quite the community we’ve got going.

The king of commenters at The Daily News is Grouchy1. He has left a staggering 1,162 comments and has received an amazing 4,921 likes.

Other frequent commenters are Rob Da Bruce with 801, CZ_858 with 585, grgral with 547 and Dorite with 491. Other well-liked commenters are Dorite with 2,100 likes, Rob Da Bruce with 1,929, Walter Trkla with 1,875 and grgral with 1,700.

Thanks for taking part, everyone.