Turning inner space into outer space

July 5, 2011

I'm with the 40 per cent who find the royals to be a bore

The way the TV media have been fawning over Prince William and Kate, you’d think they were covering the Second Coming.

While watching the CBC news last night, I figured I’d grit my teeth and wait for the Royal Tour bumpf to end so I could see some real news. Just when I though it was finally over, Peter Mansbridge announces they “couldn’t resist” one more clip of Prince William talking to a guy cooking a lobster. That was it: nothing witty, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a guy with a lobster. And when that finally came to a merciful end, Mansbridge announced there was even more royal coverage ahead.

That’s when I hit the off button.

So am I some sort of curmudgeon? One of the few who doesn’t get it? According to the current poll at The Daily News, I may actually have plenty of company. Only a little over 100 votes have been cast as of this writing, but already 40.4 agree that the royals are a big bore. That contrasts with 30.3 who can’t get enough of royalty, and 29.4 per cent who figure they were fun for awhile.

That still puts me in the minority, but at least it’s a large minority.