Turning inner space into outer space

December 22, 2010

Drug lords? Yes, even here in River City

It must have been scary for a Kamloops-based helicopter firm to find out that two helicopters he leased might be owned by a Mexican drug lord. The owner denies any connection, and I have no reason not to believe him. But here’s something that bears repeating: you don’t have to lease helicopters to link up with Mexican drug lords.

Anyone who buys illegal drugs is likely connected to drug lords of one kind or another. You might think you’re just buying from some local guy growing pot on the sly, but it’s improbable that anyone can sell illegal drugs in isolation. That guy could easily get a visit from an area gang member demanding money in return for being allowed to continue his operation. And that money would likely go up the food chain to help finance riskier and more violent operations, which are, of course, orchestrated by the the people who run the gangs — a.k.a. drug lords.

It’s something to think about.