by Mark Rogers

May 30, 2014

Transfer photos between mobile and desktop over Wifi

If you’re looking for an easier way to transfer photos from your mobile device to a desktop computer, you might want to try one of the many apps available that do this over a Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

I downloaded one from the App Store called Photo Transfer Pro, and was able to easily send a photo from an iPhone to a MacBook in a few taps. It was a bit awkward typing in a URL (provided by the app) in a web browser to access the photo, but otherwise everything went smoothly.

Photo Transfer Pro also allows you to transfer photos from the desktop to mobile.

I tried this app because it was being offered free for a limited time. There are plenty of others with similar names available — just do a search on “photo transfer” at your local app store. One called Photo Transfer App offers a free app for your desktop computer and a paid app for your mobile device. It’s available for all major platforms.

In the past I’ve always used email, which feels more like a workaround than a proper workflow. So I’ll be giving this app a go.

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