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April 27, 2011

It's all about the fans

Music maven Mike Garrett says I got it wrong about why KISS is playing small venues like Kamloops and Bushkill. He says it’s mainly about reaching out to fans:

“I think you are misunderstanding the reason a band like KISS is playing here. It has become quite common in the music biz for large, veteran touring acts, like Elton John, ZZ Top, Neil Young, to name a few, to play smaller towns. And not because they can’t fill the larger venues, but because they’ve played those large venues a billion times, and are looking to reach out to different fans.

“And those fans are going to be a lot more rabid and enthusiastic, which makes for a better show. Plus, it’s easy money, knowing that they can easily sell out a 5,000-seat arena. But I don’t think money is the issue, as most of these acts have plenty. It’s more about the fans.

“I do agree, though, that KISS is way past their prime and should probably hang up their codpieces.”

Those are some good points. I definitely agree about the codpieces.