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April 15, 2011

Putting Kamloops crime on the map

I’ve started a new project called Criminal Kamloops — a map showing crimes or suspected crimes as reported in The Daily News. Different types of icons represent the various types of crimes. Click on the icon for information about the crime. To get all the details, a link is available to take you to the original story at The Daily News website.

One of the things that strikes me after a week of working on the map is that there really isn’t much in the way of reported crime in Kamloops — at least not recently. I may have to resort to the archives to find more. This could be interpreted in one of two ways: our city is blessedly free of crime or police aren’t giving us the full story.

I’m hoping that as more crimes are plotted on the map that trends will emerge. It may also serve to give people a truer picture of how much crime actually exists — our fears often don’t match the reality.