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April 4, 2011

Lots of fixing to do

Maybe Fix My Kamloops should have been called Fix My Street.

Looking at the new pins that were added to the collaborative map Monday morning, it seems that roads and traffic are uppermost in people’s minds. There are the expected pothole complaints, but there are also concerns about U-turns, poor signage, speeding and crosswalks.

Here’s an example of a pothole beef:

“I was driving on the Overlander Bridge going to the North Shore, and to my amazement there was a big pothole right in the road. Please fix it.”

And U-turns:

“We see a lot of U-turns at the intersection of Hillside Drive and Pacific Way. I am surprised there have not been any accidents. People constantly miss the turnoff to the highway due to poor signage. I believe a roundabout will eliminate this problem.”

And a crosswalk:

“How about a stop sign or at least a crosswalk at Copperhead Drive and Hugh Allen (Pineview). Cars are always flying up Copperhead, and there is an ever growing population up in Pineview with families . . . kids and adults are continuously trying to cross Copperhead without getting nailed by a flying car!”

But it’s not always about roads. Here’s one about the Rivers Trail near the 900 block of Lorne Street:

“This unpaved section of the trail is used extensively by both the residents of the condos and the general public. It is a mess for several months of the year due to standing water and mud. It is impassable for much of the year for persons who use walking aids.”

And that’s just part of what they had to say.

The map is designed so that anyone can add a pin to it. Just be sure to sign in with your Google account. If you have any problems making it work, please let us know by writing to

If you prefer, you can write to the same address with your comment, and we’ll place a pin for you.