Turning inner space into outer space

March 30, 2011

Welcome, Google Chrome users

I’ve worked out an embarrassing glitch that prevented Google Chrome users from being able to view newsonaut. I fixed a nasty bit of code and all should now be right. If you notice any lingering problems, please get in touch.

For those of you whose eyes don’t glaze over at the mention of acronyms such as HTML and CSS, I’ll explain what happened. After I finished designing newsonaut, I came across an article that showed how to put a border around the viewport (a.k.a. the window). It stays all the way around even if you scroll.

The article — from a trusted source, I might add — gave the HTML and CSS that makes it work and provided a demo, along with the assurance that it renders in all major browsers. And if you check out the demo in Chrome, it looks fine.

The tricky part is that the CSS code they used in the demo was not the same as the code presented in the article. Hence, I was lulled into a false sense of security. After checking under the hood (View —> Source), I now have the code that actually works. Let that be a lesson: you can never do too much testing.