Turning inner space into outer space

November 2, 2020

Filter out offending RSS feeds

There is a free service so important in these troubled times that it deserves its own post.

It's siftrss. Use it to weed out the news you've had your fill of. A couple of examples that come to mind are trump and covid.

If anything truly important happens in either of those areas, the news will find its way to you. Meanwhile, enjoy a little less stress in your life.

You can apparently use regular expressions if you want to match more than one term, although I didn't have any luck with it. The developer, Ryan Gitten, says on Reddit:

You can do that with a little regex magic. In your specific case, the regular expression you'd want to match would be /Android|iOS/. If you don't want it to be case-sensitive you'd add an i to the end of the regex (after the slash), but in this case I'd leave it case-sensitive. Otherwise, the "iOS" part would match "Bioshock" or anything else containing those three letters in that order.