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October 22, 2020

Top 10 reasons people hate forms

1. Repetitive: You’ve filled in the same information on a gazillion other forms.

2. Unnecessary: The form is a sneaky way of generating sales leads. “You want this ‘free’ thing? You have to give me your email.”

3. Privacy: The form asks for personal information that is none of their business.

4. Long: Not just long, but all the fields are required so you can’t skip them.

5. Security: The form asks you to give up your email for the bazillionth time. Eventually something will go wrong and you’ll wind up the victim of ransomware, or who knows what.

6. Password: The form asks you to create a password, but you’ve created a zillion passwords in other forms, so you have to think of a new one because you’ve been told they should all be unique. And then you have to have a system for remembering all the passwords.

7. Unclear questions: The form asks you to do something, but you’re not sure what it means, so you have to search their site for an answer, or find a way of getting in touch with support.

8. Dishonest: The form tries to trick you into buying stuff you don’t want or subscribing to an email newsletter you don’t want.

9. Doesn’t work: After filling it in, the form doesn’t do anything, so you’ve wasted your time.

10. Unnatural: When you buy something from a bricks-and-mortar store you don’t have to fill in a form. Why should you have to do this when buying something online?