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October 21, 2020

Crosswords for persistent puzzlers

Here are some of the best sources of crosswords if you like them challenging. Many publications offer quick and easy crosswords — these can’t be aimed at true crossword lovers.

On mobile it’s tough to beat New York Times Crossword. They start you off with free packs ranging from mini to midi to full size.

When you run out of those, and are hooked, they ask for a subscription: monthly $9.99 or annual $54.99.

Is that a lot? It depends on how you look at it. If you’re dropping $5 or $6 a week on crossword books from the local newsstand, it’s a good deal.

The best crossword app for the Mac is Black Ink from Red Sweater. It links to the Wall Street Journal, the Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Times Premium, American Values Club and The Inkubator.

The app itself costs $29.95, but the good news is that some of the crossword sources are free — you get a lot of bang for your buck.

In the magazine section of your local store there are many publications to choose from, but few for puzzlers who enjoy a good challenge.

Two of the best are Dell Sunday Crosswords at $4.99 and The National Observer Book of Crosswords at $6.50.

Dell says its puzzles “are edited with clever, challenging clues that will make you think, smile and solve.” It should be noted that sometimes the smile is accompanied by a groan — but that’s OK.

National Observer promises “these puzzles are, and will continue to be, tough but fair.”