Turning inner space into outer space

October 10, 2020

Cross word? ACRIMONY

Crossword puzzles are one of my favourite things. I like them challenging, but not too challenging. I found a magazine at the grocery store that’s just about perfect — Dell Sunday Crosswords.

The clues I like least are the ridiculously obscure — so arcane that not even a search on the Internet yields answers.

The clues I like most are a play on words. Often these are signalled with a question mark at the end. Below are some that tickled my fancy. See if you can solve them.

Card-playing amphibian? POKERMITTHEFROG
Lawn takeover? COUPDEGRASS
Hermetic miser? AIRTIGHTWAD
Head of France? TETE
Whopper jr? FIB
Way across town? STREET
Revolting word? ICK
Thumb nail? TACK
Term ender? ITE
Country music? ANTHEM
Introductory course? SOUP
Mouth organ? TASTEBUDS
Dollars for quarters? RENT
Inflatable items? EGOS
Short cut? BOB
Bird watcher? CAT