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October 5, 2020

Something about Western Togoland

The flags of Azerbaijan and Western Togoland

I learned from the Vexillology subreddit that Western Togoland has declared independence. This is of interest to vexillologists because Western Togoland has a flag. Also, because the flag is quite similar to Azerbaijan’s. The main difference is that the Western Togoland flag has a heart handshake icon in the middle of it, likely taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Meanwhile, in the MapPorn subreddit, there are maps showing the location of Western Togoland. It is a sliver that makes up the eastern edge of Ghana. It started life in 1884 as part of a colony of Germany, which was sliced in two after the First World War, with Western Togoland going to Ghana and the remainder carrying on as the present-day Togo.

There is a lot more you can learn about Western Togoland in Wikipedia.

This is what you write about when you have “write something” in your habit tracker, and don’t really have much to say.