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December 2, 2013

Poptip is a great way to do Twitter polls

Poptip is an immensely satisfying method for using Twitter to survey your followers. I tried the free tryout and was impressed with the results. I got lucky, though, because I came up with a good question on my first try.

“Are you using winter tires? Reply with yes or no.”

It’s an easy question to answer. And it was something a lot of people were thinking about at the time as police had started issuing warnings.

I got plenty of replies and Poptip created a nifty graphic to embed in the website. My next question was more complicated and the options were not a simple yes or no. That was a mistake and I got few replies.

I came up with a good idea for a third question — Have you begun Christmas shopping? — but the free trial was over. Getting the paid version requires negotiations involving our publisher so it may be some time before we’re doing more Poptip surveys.

Meanwhile, there is no reason not to do surveys without Poptip. You can ask a question or solicit photos and put them together with Storify. And if you really want a graphic, you can make one with

Still, I’m hoping we can come with a deal with Poptip.