Turning inner space into outer space

November 9, 2013

Audio slideshows get easier with practice

We put together a package for Remembrance Day that involved interviews with six Kamloops war veterans, who described a moment during when courage overcame fear. Each was interviewed by a different reporter, who also made a recording. Photographers took extra pictures and the vets were encouraged to submit snapshots of their own.

I collected these pictures and recordings then put together an audio slideshow in iMovie that nicely complements the version that appeared in the newspaper. People get to see many more pictures, plus they get to hear the stories in the vets’ own words. I have embedded the audio slideshow below. My only real regret is that we didn’t have more historical photos to better illustrate the time when the events took place. Also, reporters needed reminders to be dead silent while the subject is speaking — in one case there were several mm-hmms and notepad scratchings audible and it had to be done over.