Turning inner space into outer space

April 19, 2013

Videolicious takes videos to the next level

There are some great video apps for getting something quick onto Twitter and social networks, but what if you want to create something more elaborate or elegant?

Videolicious does a nice job of stitching video clips and photos together with an introduction and voiceover — just like on TV. And it’s a lot simpler to learn than you might think. The only catch is that the free version limits you to one minute. Still, that’s a lot more than the six seconds you get from Vine.

Videolicious takes you through the production step by step. Choose a few video clips and photos (that you’ve already shot) and save them. Then film yourself talking about them. As you go along, pick which clips are to be shown as you speak.

After that, a nice touch is choosing a song to give the project a mood. A few filters are also available. You then have a choice of standard or high definition. Give it a title, decide how to share it, and you’re done.

A slick, minute-long video is likely more than enough for most situations, but if you want more it’s pricey. Ten minutes plus other features costs $5 per user per month. Unlimited videos are $10.