Turning inner space into outer space

February 3, 2013

Two other smartphone options: Flickr and SoundCloud

A smartphone full of apps opens all kinds of opportunities for journalists. Here are a couple:


You can easily take a bunch of pictures and upload them to Flickr as you go. The pictures go into a queue so you don’t have to worry about waiting for one to upload before you move on to the next.

Once you’ve got a good selection, you can go to the newsroom and head for the Flickr website. Pick your pictures and put them in a set. Display them as a slideshow, copy the embed code, and place it on your website.

Voilà! The event is hardly over and already you’ve got it covered with pictures.


Sometime words and sounds are all you need. How about a one-minute, heartfelt statement? How about the distant boom of avalanche control?

You can capture these moments by tapping the record button in the SoundCloud app. Tap the save button and it’s uploaded.

As with Flickr, you can later get the embed code and place it on your website.

Boom! The echoes have barely died down and already you’ve got audio.

(Just one caveat, though — you can’t do any editing on the SoundCloud site, so try to get it right the first time or you’ll have to fire up a program like Audacity.)