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December 15, 2010

Think before you toss

Kamloops city council is not alone in demanding that citizens refrain from tossing snow into the street. Check out these items from around the web:

McCall, Pennsylvania: “Borough Council and Mayor Mikal Sabatine want to curtail the practice of putting plowed and shoveled snow back onto streets in violation of the borough’s snow ordinance. Borough Manager Robin Zmoda said letters to business owners and residents will inform them of the borough’s intent to enforce the snow ordinance’s codes and fines in the future.”

Mississauga, Ontario: “When clearing snow from your driveway, sidewalk, vehicle or parking lots, please ensure that snow is tossed onto your lawn and not on the roadway. Tossing snow on the roadway is a violation of the Obstructing Highways By-law 23-79, as amended, and could result in a City fine. Tossing snow on the street affects road safety and the City’s snow clearing operations.”

Township of Scugog, Ontario: “It is a contravention of the Township of Scugog Refuse By-Law to deposit snow on a highway . . .”

Yes, even Scugog has jumped on the no-toss bandwagon.

But seriously, local governments aren’t creating these rules just to be mean.

Drivers who come across a pile of snow on an otherwise clear street could lose control of their vehicle. Even if they don’t, once that snow has been driven over a few times, it becomes hard and icy — making it an even worse hazard.