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September 18, 2012

How do you switch accounts in the new Twitter app?

It’s good to see an update to the Twitter mobile apps — at least they’re continuing to develop them. The marquee feature seems to be the ability to gussy up your profile with a background picture, similar to the way you do it in Facebook.

I guess that’s fine, but after downloading the iPad version, I’m stumped as to how you switch between accounts. It defaulted to the @newsonaut account I had at the top of the old app, but the other four are nowhere to be seen — even though they show up in the settings.

I’ve contacted Twitter via @twitter about this, and I’ll update this post if I get an answer. If it turns out you can’t switch between accounts, then I’ve got a problem — a big enough problem to make me switch.

Update: Here’s how to switch.

Tap on “Me” then tap on the Accounts icon. Choose from the list.

It’s beyond me how this could possibly be considered an improvement over the simplicity and elegance of the old way. Tweetbot, here I come.

And by the way, Twitter never did get back to me.

Update 2: I decided to switch to Echofon, not Tweetbot. Both are good, but Echofon has a free, ad-supported version that’s fine for now.