Turning inner space into outer space

July 20, 2012

RebelMouse getting closer to the way I like it

RebelMouse has made some much-needed improvements for its customizable news aggregation sites. The one I originally created was a weird amalgamation of newsonaut and the Kamloops Daily News — mainly because I was stumbling through a product that wasn’t fully baked.

I’ve now created a purely Kamloops Daily News site, with feeds from the paper’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus the right logo. So far, so good.

You can set up RebelMouse so that it brings in a Twitter feed based on a hashtag, but when I implemented one for #kamloops I soon realized that spammers have latched onto it (and likely every other city in the world) with a vengeance.

There may be a way around this, though. You can set up a Twitter search such as #kamloops -sex, which would filter out a lot of spammers selling Viagra. It would be a big plus if RebelMouse were to adopt this feature.