Turning inner space into outer space

July 15, 2012

Reddit deserves an important place in social media strategies

When examples of social media are mentioned, you invariably hear about Facebook and Twitter. Often LinkedIn, Pinterest and one or two others are thrown in for good measure. I’ve been wondering, though, why Reddit is so often ignored.

It may not be social media in the same sense as the others, but it definitely is social — and the news media should be taking note.

Just look at this screenshot for a recent thread on Reddit:


The number to note is the 2,707 comments. That is one heck of a lot of conversation. And for the most part the people taking part seem intelligent and engaged. Get them interested in an article at your site, and you’ve opened a flow of high quality traffic.

The Atlantic has long realized the value of a link from Reddit — so much so they they were temporarily banned for overdoing it with self-promotion. But it’s good that happened. It means Reddit has standards, and that they skew toward what’s good for readers — ensuring that the site maintains credibility.

If you’re looking at a social media strategy for your news site, Reddit should not be ignored. Get a feel for the kinds of stories that Reddit readers enjoy. And if you’ve got one that fits the bill, link to it. Just make sure you’re genuine and don’t get a reputation for spamming.