Turning inner space into outer space

June 14, 2012

Opera broke my newsloops

Opera 12 — the forgotten web browser — was released today, so I figured I might as well download it and see the latest. Of course, the first place my ego told me to visit was newsloops — the forerunner to newsonaut. That may have been a mistake, because now I’m going to have to spend a bunch of time making Opera render the site properly.

Have a look at the images above. The shadow on the bottom of the first “o” is cut off as it swoop up to the second “o”. The shadow on the right side of the “s” is clipped. And the shadow on the date comes down too far, leaving an unsightly white space. The padding on top could use some help, too.

The date should be easy to fix with some Opera-specific coding. I had to do the same for Firefox. But I’m not sure if anything can be done to save the the letters. I thought I was clever using CSS to create the banner instead of an image — and I still think that, by golly, so I’m not changing it.

Stay tuned, Opera lovers. I’m committed to making things right for you.

By the way, Opera 12 seems super fast in my initial testing, so it may be well worth your while to give it a try if you haven’t already. Also, when I call it the forgotten browser, I mean forgotten by me — no offence intended.

Update: The dates have been fixed. I changed the coding to something simpler and more semantic, so Opera-specific coding wasn’t needed. I still have to target Firefox separately, though. As for the letters, I’m not optimistic about a fix — it may be a bug in Opera.