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June 1, 2012

A better way to tweet

Those ‘tweet’ and ‘like’ buttons might be doing more harm than good, according to an article at

You can mosey over there and see the rationale for yourself. But I will say this much: I have never once used a sharing button. They just seem so cumbersome and obvious.

Still, my @newsonaut Twitter feed is filled with tweets that link to articles of interest. So how do I do it? With a nifty little Safari extension called Post to Twitter. All I have to do is make sure my Twitter app is running and is showing the account I want to tweet to.

Then it’s just a matter of clicking on the little birdie button that Post to Twitter installs in the Safari tool bar. You can see it in the accompanying screenshot next to the button for 1Password.

I check the title and link it inserts for me, and click Tweet.