Turning inner space into outer space

April 7, 2012

Pinterest needs a way to contain its success

Just how big is Pinterest? It’s either bigger than you could ever have imagined. Or it’s not quite as big as some people seem to think.

The chart above from a recent Experian study shows total visits skyrocketing. Pinterest is now considered by many to be number three among social media behind only Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, a search at Google Trends shows interest dropping off around February.

One of the problems with Pinterest may be that you wind up collecting a lot of stuff and your collections can become unwieldy. Even with multiple boards, that can be a lot of pictures for the mind to process.

With Facebook and Twitter, old stuff is hidden after awhile — you can always be in the present. With this in mind, Pinterest developers might want to look at an option for making pins more temporary. For example, if a pin doesn’t receive a repin or a like in, say, three months, it could be automatically removed from the board.