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March 20, 2012

Apple's a big boy now

All this dumping on Mike Daisey for making up stuff about his visit to factories in China used by Apple has got me thinking. Why the need for a dogpile by bloggers?

Let’s leave aside that many of them haven’t seen his show. Let’s leave aside that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak — who has seen the show — says he found it quite moving.

Even so, most of us can agree that Daisey played fast and loose with the facts, and that’s a bad thing. But isn’t it time to move on? Apparently not.

We still have people like John Gruber writing this overly long defence of Apple, which — let’s not forget — is now one of the biggest companies in the world. They don’t need your help any more, John. The “troubles” of the nineties are long past.

Jim Dalrymple does much the same thing, gleefully linking to anything that disparages Apple’s competition. Of course he had to take his own cheap shot at Daisey. Jim, they already have more than enough money at Apple.

Maybe this kind of writing appeals to the many Apple fans out there, some of whom can’t shake the feeling that the company could one day return to “beleaguered” status. I sometimes feel this way, too. But times have changed. Let’s start showing some self-confidence in our writing. Daisey is barely a blip on the radar when you’re as big as Apple.

Apple image: Supreme Power