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March 19, 2012

Who you should be following on Twitter

Patrick Foster of USA Today declares that “Twitter is the social tool that any modern journalism student must master if she or he wants to earn their living in a newsroom.”

Certainly, if a news organization wants to cater to hard-core news junkies, Twitter is essential.

He suggests nine Twitter feeds journalism students should follow as a way of learning from masters of the craft. Out of the nine, I follow NiemanLab and Poynter, and I’m willing to give the others a try.

But there are a couple that I would add to the list. Jim Romenesko (romenesko) has had his finger on the pulse of journalism seemingly since the dawn of Internet time. And I would say that Mathew Ingram (mathewi) at Giga Om is about as close as you can get to a pure-play digital journalist writing about the craft.

Link: Nine Twitter accounts every journalism student should follow