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February 23, 2012

Long live Romenesko

It’s good to see Jim Romenesko is doing well after his controversial departure from Poynter awhile back. His name has practically become synonymous with aggregation about the news industry.

In fact, for the longest time, I didn’t really think of him as a person. He was more like Reuters or Bloomberg — the name of a service.

The American Journalism Review has an excellent article about the new life Romenesko has created for himself after he was called out for his methods of attribution at Poynter. As it turns out, he had been planning to leave anyway.

From AJR:

The circumstances of his resignation obscured a decision Romenesko, 58, had made months before, to “semi-retire,” as he has called it. You cannot help but know he feels undercut by Poynter, but has been open and professional in explaining his side of what led to his resigning.
However unpleasantly it occurred, Romenesko believes both parties have benefited from his departure. Romenesko is roaming further than he has in years, picking and choosing stories that interest him and adding his own reporting to his customary felicitous aggregating.

As soon as I had heard about Romensko leaving Poynter, I made plans to get his RSS and Twitter feeds, and bookmark for his new blog. He remains a big part of my daily journalism education.

Link: Romenesko Roars Back