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January 13, 2011

Surviving a moose attack

A moose is one of the most dangerous animals you’ll ever meet. Big bulls weigh up to 600 kg and some of the really big ones tip the scales at 800 kg. The last thing you need is an animal that size decide to trample you.

In one respect, the cross-country skier who met with a moose at Stake Lake was lucky: that one was a female, which may have weighed at little as 300 kg.

Opinions vary on what to do when a moose attack, but probably the most sensible thing to do is run away. The most likely reason for a moose to take a run at you is because it wants to drive you away for some reason. At Stake Lake, it appears a mother wanted the skier and her dog away from a moose baby.

Another thing you can do is get behind a tree or rock. When a moose charges, it’s likely bluffing so it won’t persist. If all else fails, you can play dead — curl up in a ball and protect your head.

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