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January 20, 2012

Apple's iBooks Author a great opportunity for news organizations

Following the release of Apple’s free iBooks Author, Joshua Benton has some great ideas on how news organizations could jump on the bandwagon. I had thoughts along the same line as soon as I tried out the program on my iMac. Benton has a slew of suggestions on how we could benefit:

How will news organizations react to that newfound ease of publishing? What are the ebooks already lurking inside the heart of the newsroom, just waiting to be unlocked? Is it a compilation of all a newspaper’s restaurant reviews? A popular columnist’s collected works? A compendium of all the paper’s stories about the local high school football team, player profiles and game stories, full of big art? Several years’ worth of gardening columns, filtered to focus on what grows well in the local soil? A local band book/database that includes MP3 samples from each? An expanded version of the 100 Biggest Local Businesses section the biz desk puts out once a year? A detailed guide to the local public schools, aimed at people new to area?

iBooks Author can be found in the Mac App Store.

Link: The day the bookshelf shook: Four lessons for news orgs from today’s Apple iBooks announcements