Turning inner space into outer space

January 5, 2012

To code is to create

What’s with the sudden interest in learning code? Even New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has joined the throngs signing up for a special offer at Codecademy.

Gina Trapani offers up some good reasons on her Smarterware blog:

First and foremost, learning to code demystifies tech in a way that empowers and enlightens. When you start coding you realize that every digital tool you have ever used involved lines of code just like the ones you’re writing, and that if you want to make an existing app better, you can do just that with the same foreach and if-then constructs every coder has ever used.

That sounds a little esoteric to me, but I can see her point.

For me, a far more practical reason is that learning code allows you to go beyond the ability to publish. With knowledge of HTML, CSS and javascript, you can present your publication in whatever way makes sense for you. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of the coders at places like Wordpress or Tumblr. Sure, a lot of the time they do good work — but it’s their work, not yours.

I enjoy knowing that newsonaut is not just my words, but my creation.

Link: Why Learn How to Code (Smarterware)