Turning inner space into outer space

July 6, 2011

Pollux may have travelled to Kamloops by train

I had the pleasure of meeting Pollux — the Montreal dog who wound up in Kamloops — when I shot a brief video for The Daily News website. She really is the perfect pet: friendly, energetic, well-behaved. Pollux is the kind of dog that could convert a cat person.

Only she knows how she managed to travel across the country in the space of a year, but owner Isabelle Robitaille has a theory that sounds pretty good. Apparently it was raining the day Pollux went missing, and she doesn’t like to get wet. When she ran out of the yard, she may have headed for some nearby railway tracks, hoping to find shelter in one of the train cars. If she got stuck inside, that could very well have been the beginning of her voyages.

How Pollux got her name is a different story. It’s based on a character in children’s movies and TV shows featuring a flop-eared dog with a sweet tooth. The character’s main claim to fame is a movie from 1970 called Pollux et le Chat bleu. An English version called Dougal and the Blue Cat was also made.

I’ve never heard of Pollux (or Dougal) before, but I found this picture of the case for the movie video. It might jog some memories.