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June 27, 2011

Ajax mine looms as major issue

I was away for three weeks (see pneumonia post below), and one of my catch-up jobs was to update the newsonaut page on the Ajax mine proposal. It was a lot of work, because there have been many letters written to the editors, a number of articles, an editorial, and even a column. This issue’s got legs.

On top of that, The Daily News has a poll showing a slight majority of people in favour of the mine. Perhaps more interesting is the fact that more than 1,000 people have taken part in the poll. That’s a whole lot of opinion.

I’m guessing that the people in favour of the mine see it as an engine for job creation and a general booster for the city’s economy. There are a lot of people in Kamloops who are just barely hanging on, and for them the mine might be a lifesaver.

Still, there are many other things to consider. Job creation might come at a high price if the mine turns out to be a major polluter or an eyesore that drives tourists away.

Expect to see plenty more on the mine proposal both in the print and online editions of The Daily News. We hope to make sure your opinion is based on as much information as possible.