Turning inner space into outer space

May 16, 2011

Google has the final word in the great debate

Evolution vs. creationism. Atheism vs. God. The debate is still in full force at The Daily News website. Editor Mel Rothenburger’s column on the subject has generated more than 200 comments, which may very well set some kind of record for the site.

But what does the data say? For that, we have to go to the highest authority of them all — Google. Here are a couple of trends charts I put together.

When it comes to searches for evolution vs. creationism, evolution wins hands down. Creationism is a barely a blip.

But atheists needn’t be doing high-fives. When compared with God, the blip is on the other foot.

So what is the great oracle Google telling us? It seem to me that evolution and God can co-exist peacefully, and that atheists and creationists should get over themselves.