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July 9, 2011

Here's to vino with the violins

Suds with the symphony might sound like a good idea, but it would be embarrassing if things got out of hand — just ask the Kamloops Multicultural Society.

The Western Canada Theatre is seeking a liquor licence, but if they get one, the police could be keeping a close eye on them. After all, the Canada Day beer garden — run by the society — got shut down when the liquor flowed a little too freely.

On the other hand, the Kamloops Convention Centre already allows a glass of wine with concerts. I attended one and saw a lot of happy people but no rowdies.

It’s hard to believe a bit of tippling with the timpani solo will cause any trouble. But some of the ruffians who show up to see the Arrogant Worms might by need watching.


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